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Last Updated: July 7, 2015

Feeney Park

  Whom Do I Call When I Need To . . .
Schedule field use Willis Mackey 728-0828 or
Get information Any one of the Directors listed below    
Report a problem with the facilities Jean Zurbuchen
Michael Vasquez
Report vandalism Sheriff
Willis Mackey
Report an emergency 911 911  
  Board of Directors
President Helen Yost Contact VP  
Vice President Susan Lyneis 736-9456
Treasurer Helen Yost 736-9456
Secretary Susan Lyneis
Street Faire Director Chloe Shufeldt 209-728-8581
Field Coordinator Willis Mackey 304-4142
Maintenance Supervisor Jean Zurbuchen 925-286-3365
Mr. Frog's Wild Ride Director Wendi Bell 209-265-6034